Wedding Video Production

Wedding video production with Photo Video Image Wedding video production with Photo Video Image

I got my original video production training by working with Wedding Photographer John Omoresemi, CEO of Photo Video Image Productions. Over 10 years later, I still work with John shooting weddings, and planning new marketing strategies.



Lana Lang Music Video

Lana Lang video bringing more  awareness to domestic violence.

Flying L. Frost to save the day.


This is a video I”m am currently working on. It’s a video that brings more awareness to domestic violence. L Frost is the artist and dance choreographer. In the video, L Frost rescues his life long female best friend from her abusive boyfriend. It took a little over one week to shoot all the scenes and dance sequences. This video also have several visual effects scenes of the artist performing super human acts, just like superman.



Defense Contractor Explainer Video

Trisec Defense Contractor explainer video


Here I created a explainer video for a government defense contractor. The company provided me with images, text, and a voice over. I edited and synced all the assets together, into a smooth easy flowing video with transition and subtle effects.



Insight to Incite Magazine

Magazine interview of St.Louis Author Al Gleason Jr

Here we have an interview I shot for Insight to Incite Magazine. Maurice Hamilton CEO of Insite ot Incite Magazine (left) interviews Al Gleason (right), to discuss his new book, “The Other Side Of Faith”.



Cooking Show, 30 Second Commercial, and 15 Second Opener

What's Cooking with Chef Cody.

15 second opening for Chef Cody Cooking Show

30 second commercial


I shot, and edited a 27 minute cooking show titled, “Whats Cookin’ with Chef Cody”. The show was shopped to different food channels. I mastered the pilot to DVD, and produced a simple 30 commercial for online or broadcast.



Event Recording and DVD Mastering

Event Video and DVD Mastering.


This was a production we shoot and edited for Pastor Ronald Bobo and Missionary Baptist Church. We shoot the event with two HD cameras mounted on tripods. We edited in Premiere Pro, then exported the timeline directly into our DVD mastering application using Adobe’s dynamic link.



Video Interviews

Video interview of local spokesmodel


This is a simple video interview of a St.Louis spokespeople name Mika. Mika shows this video to prospective clients who are considering using outside talent to help market their products or services. The shoot was done at the Lumiere Place Casino, in downtown St. Louis.



Mighty Wind

This is a redesign of a previous WordPress site.

Wire frame mock up using Fireworks.

This website is a redesign of a previous website. One of the advantage of developing on the WordPress platform is you can change the look and feel of you site just by installing new themes. WordPress organizes all your data into data basis, this means when you change the look, your content remains unchanged. The new design offers more customization for future projects the customer will implement in the coming months.

E-commerce website with PayPal integration.

This website was developed and deployed over 10 years ago. The framework is WordPress with PayPal shopping cart integration.

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